SBench 6 software

In order to work with a PC, all digitizers manufacturers provide software allowing immediate control and visualization of data. Spectrum provides a free program called SBench 6 for free. This program allows you to control and display the waveforms acquired by the digitizer. It also allows for simple and complex measurements as well as multiple analysis tools. SBench 6 supports all Spectrum digitizer families, including the NETBOX digitizer. It is a powerful application that allows you to check if the digitizer works correctly. It also allows the user to confirm the digitizer operation when developing their own custom software.

Operating under Windows or Linux (32 or 64 bit) it provides complete control of Spectrum hardware as well as viewing, recording and post-processing of analog or digital acquired signals. The program is offered in basic or professional version.

SBench 6 license:

The base license is free and allows you to use the Spectrum hardware for all its functionality, to evaluate the data and to see the signal quality. It is limited to standard acquisition modes and a small number of measurement and calculation functions.

SBench 6 Pro license:

The professional license covers all the features of SBench 6 for a single card. There is no limitation in functionality.

SBench 6 Multi license:

When you want to use more than one card in your PC with SBench 6, a multi license is required.