ARINC 429 Components and Lightning protection,

Avionics Discret to Digital components and PMC Card,

Protocol Converter,

Analog or mixte ASIC development,

Headset Tester.


DEI Components / ASIC / Lightning Protection

DEI ( ARINC 429, Discret to Digital, Lightning protection, ASIC )

DEI offers a complete range of ARINC 429 components compliant with the specifications of the standard (drives full ARINC load) and optimized for BCI and lightning susceptibility.

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Protocols conversion

ASIU-E : COTS box qualified to be on-board, allow the conversion of several protocols such as ARINC 429/825/575/419, MIL-STD 1553, RS232, RS-422, CAN / AeroCAN, USB, Ethernet 10/100, torque conversion.

Mezzanine card slot for custom interfaces such as discrete I / O, analog I / O, communication interfaces, relay commands ..

ARINC 429 Isolator device


The ISO8-429-xx contains features to protect Arinc 429 Lines. Equipment under test could generate over voltage, transient signal or short circuit which could damage Arinc 429 boards channels installed in a Test bench. The ISO8-429-xx protects the test bench using galvanic isolation , transorbs, gas tubes and clamping diodes.
This device offers up to 8 lines, modulo 2 Rx or 2 Tx

Up to 4 piggy boards with 2Rx or 2Tx channels can be plugged on the carrier board proposing from 8RX/0TX to 0RX/8Tx with all the between configura-tion. The protection circuits are installed on the carrier, on the Equipment side.
Low speed or High speed configuration via jumpers


64 channels Avionics Discrete I/O PMC/XMC Card


Avionics Discretes : Up to 32 inputs and 32 outputs in a PMC/XMC format

Individually programmable I/Os in 28V/OPEN or GND/OPEN.

27K Ohm input impedance to reach 1 mA current

Total DSO output current: 2A

It is possible to generate interrupts on DSI status change inputs