Analog Output PCI Boards


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Analog Output boards are useful when you need an output where the condition is not just an on or off state. Analog Output boards convert digital values generated by software into the analog voltage or current signals required for controlling frequency inverters, valves, sliders, brightness of lights, or things controlled by motors and other mechnical transducers.

Ideal applications include light control, motion control, and process controls.

Select from an assortment of 12 and 16-bit USB, PCI, PC/104, and remote analog output modules. The multifunction USB-AO series offers 4, 8, or 16 analog outputs, 2 analog inputs, along with 16 lines of digital I/O. For those of you that require waveform outputs, our USB-DA12-8A features eight individual 12-bit D/A converters with full Arbitrary Waveform Generator functionality (AWG/ARB) and up to 125 KSample/second simultaneously on eight channels.

Analog Output PCI Boards
Board Ref. Analog Output Res. 4-20 mA TTL I/O
PCI-DA12-2 2 12 yes 24 prog.
PCI-DA12-4 4 12 yes 24 prog.
PCI-DA12-6 6 12 yes 24 prog.
PCI-DA12-8 8 12 yes 24 prog.
PCI-DA12-16 16 12 yes 24 prog.

Specification :

Output:  up to 16 channels, 12 bit

6 bipolar or single-ended output ranges +/-2,5V to +/-10VDC

Output Impedance : < 0,1 Ohm

Available in PCI format

Operating Systems :Windows XP, 7, 8 , 10  (32 and 64 bit)/ Linux Kernel 2.6 and >

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