Analog Input Boards PCI format


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The ACCESIO analog data acquisition cards have 10 analog input ranges. A channel-by-channel programmable gain function enables signals of different amplitudes to be measured, all at a speed of up to 500 K/s. The card’s FIFO memory and the capability to trig the A/D converter in real time guarantee synchronized sampling not affected by other computer operations – an essential requirement in the analysis of vibration and transient signal types in which high data bit rates should be kept for short periods. Connections are made to the card via a 50-pin SCSI connector. A shielded round cable and a screw terminal block are available as an option.

 A/D PCI cards
Card Ref.  A/D Input Res. Sampling rate.  D/A output Res. TTL I/O
PCI-A12-16A 16 SE, 8 Dif 12 100 KHz 2 12 24
LPCI-AIO16A 16 SE, 8 Dif 16 500 KHz 2 12 16
LPCI-AIO16E 16 SE, 8 Dif 16 250 KHz 2 12 16

Specification :

Inputs:  16 channels up to 500KS/s, 16 bit

10 bipolar or single–ended inputs +/-0,5V à +/-10V

Available in PCI format

Operating Systems :Windows XP, 7, 8 , 10  (32 et 64 bit)/ Linux Kernel 2.6 and >

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