500MHz 14 bit DIGITIZERS

M4i serie digitizers


The 6 cards of the M4i.44xx-x8 serie have been developed for fast and quality data acquisition. Each input channel has its own A/D converter and its own programmable amplifier. This allows signal recording simultaneously on all channels with a resolution of 14 bits or 16 bits without any phase delay between them. The card uses a single A/D converter, even with a speed of 500 MS/s, guaranteeing optimal signal quality without interleaving technology. The built-in memory allows long-term recording even with the highest sampling rates.




Cartes M4i.44xx-x8

Model1 Ch.2 Ch.4 Ch.MémoireRésolution
M4i.4410-x8130 MS/s130 MS/s2 GSamples16 bit
M4i.4411-x8130 MS/s130 MS/s130 MS/s2 GSamples16 bit
M4i.4420-x8250 MS/s250 MS/s2 GSamples16 bit
M4i.4421-x8250 MS/s250 MS/s250 MS/s2 GSamples16 bit
M4i.4450-x8500 MS/s500 MS/s2 GSamples14 bit
M4i.4451-x8500 MS/s500 MS/s500 MS/s2 GSamples14 bit

Specification :

1 to 4 channels

Sampling rate : 130MS/s à 500MS/s                                                                               DATASHEET

Resolution : 14 or 16bit

Simultaneously sampling on all channels

Separate ADC and amplifier per channel

Sustained streaming mode up to 3,4 GB/s

6 input ranges: +/-200mV à +/-10V

Direct data transfer to/from CUDA GPU using SCAPP software