DN2.65x-xx, DN2.66x-xx and DN6.66x-xx

The generatorNETBOX DN2.66x and DN6.66x arbitrary waveform generators (AWG) deliver the highest performance in both speed and resolution. The series includes LXI units with either two, four, eight up to 24 synchronous channels. The large onboard memory can be segmented to replay different waveform sequences.

The digitizerNETBOX and generatorNETBOX offer a powerful GBit Ethernet connection and are fully LXI compatible. The netbox can be used as tabletop instrument or 19″ rack mount operation. It can be connected anywhere in your LAN or directly point-to-point with your Laptop/Workstation. A full option package and software package including SBench 6 Professional is included. The first data acquisition can be done within minutes: connect power + ethernet + signals, swicth on, install software on client PC, detect the digitizerNETBOX/generatorNETBOX with Discovery, start SBench 6, do the first acquisition!

Boitiers DN2.65x-xx

ModelV éch.Nbre de sortiesNiveau@50Ohm/1MOhmMémoireRésolution
DN2.653-0440 MS/s4+/-3V +/-6V1 x 512 MSamples16 bit
DN2.653-0840 MS/s8+/-3V +/-6V1 x 512 MSamples16 bit
DN2.653-16 40 MS/s16+/-3V +/-6V2 x 512 MSamples16 bit
DN2.656-04125 MS/s4+/-3V +/-6V1 x 512 MSamples16 bit
DN2.656-08125 MS/s / 80 MS/s4 / 8+/-3V +/-6V1 x 512 MSamples16 bit
DN2.656-16125 MS/s / 80 MS/s8 / 16+/-3V +/-6V2 x 512 MSamples16 bit

Boitiers DN2.66x-xx

Model2 Ch.4 Ch.8 Ch.Bande passanteMémoireRésolution
DN2.662-02625 MS/s200 MHz2 GSamples16 bit
DN2.662-04625 MS/s625 MS/s200 MHz2 GSamples16 bit
DN2.662-08625 MS/s625 MS/s625 MS/s200 MHz2 x 2 GSamples16 bit
DN2.663-021,25 GS/s400 MHz2 GSamples16 bit
DN2.663-041,25 GS/s1,25 GS/s400 MHz2 x 2 GSamples16 bit

Boitiers DN6.66x-xx

ModelV éch.Nbre de sortiesBande passanteMémoireRésolution
DN6.662-12625 MS/s12200 MHz3 x 2 GSamples16 bit
DN6.662-16625 MS/s16200 MHz4 x 2 GSamples16 bit
DN6.662-20625 MS/s20200 MHz5 x 2 GSamples16 bit
DN6.662-24625 MS/s24200 MHz6 x 2 GSamples16 bit
DN6.663-061,25 GS/s6400 MHz3 x 2 GSamples16 bit
DN6.663-081,25 GS/s8400 MHz4 x 2 GSamples16 bit
DN6.663-101,25 GS/s10400 MHz5 x 2 GSamples16 bit
DN6.663-121,25 GS/s12400 MHz6 x 2 GSamples16 bit

Specification :

Simultaneous signal generation on all channels

Output level +/-160mV à +/-5V (625 MS/s) or +/-4V (1.25GS/s) into High Impedance

Output level +/-80mV à +/-2,5V (625 MS/s) or +/-2V (1.25GS/s) into 50 Ohm                                                           DATASHEET

Output Bandwidth : 400 MHz  (option 600MHz)

On-board memory : 2 GSamples

GBit Ethernet / LXI compatible

Operating Systems : Windows 7, 8, 10 (32 or 64bit) / Linux noyau 2.4, 2.6, 3.x, 4.x

Software : SBench 6 Pro included, MATLAB, labVIEW, LabWindows/CVI,

Driver : C/C++, GNU C++, Delphi, VB.NET, C#, J#, Python, Java